We offer inflatable arches, truss structures and scaffold structures to mark a start, finish or entry point to an event. All allow banners to be displayed.

Inflatable: The advantage of the inflatable type is the ability to quickly set it up and take it down. Banners can be attached to both sides of the top as well as to both sides of each leg. Power is required to operate the blowers and can be provided by a generator or an on-site power outlet.

Truss: The polished aluminum truss offers a lot of flexibility in the design of the structure and unsupported spans of about 40' can be achieved. Wider spans are possible with a vertical support in the center. A top banner is attached, and depending on configuration, side banners may also be included.

Scaffold with Truss: Scaffolding can be used to support a truss across the finish with plasticore or vinyl banners creating a clean, solid looking structure. This maximizes space to highlight sponsors and race branding.

We recommend using our economical printing services to assure a custom fit with the structure chosen.